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Agile Mindset
Atlassian for Everyone
Solutions for teams of all kinds
Making the right decisions for the productivity and collaboration tools of your business can be challenging. Whether you are in the process of making a decision or you have already made your decision on Atlassian tools, our team of Atlassian Experts and our commitment to Value Delivery makes it a delightful journey for you.
  • Assessment: Our exhaustive experience with technology, software, tools and processes gives us a clout to provide valuable insights setting you up for success.
  • Discovery: We have a knack of asking the right questions and a mindset that enables us to achieve your discovery goals and strategize next steps.
  • Migration: With multiple successful Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket migrations across cloud, server and data center platforms, not to mention consolidating instances and then migrating, we are confident to strategize, plan and execute your migration priorities with excellence.
  • Agile Process: We help evangelize your Agile and Scaled Agile (SAFe) processes with our decades of Agile and Atlassian tools expertise. Being Agile runs in our core business and configuring Atlassian tools is our passion. This makes the perfect recipe to deliver awesomeness with our value-based solutions.
  • Onboarding: Whether you are in the cloud or on-premise or data center, our strategic and precise planning sets you on a road map to deliver high-bar results.
  • Training: We have a knack of asking the right questions and a mindset that enables us to achieve your discovery goals and strategize next steps.
  • Support: Our Value promise offers maintenance and support packages with an SLA promise that serves your business goals.
  • Health Checks: We help to establish a regular cadence of health checks for your tools and we are skilled at solving for issues uncovered.
Atlassian Cloud Migrations
Here’s what Atlassian customers say about moving to cloud
Cloud Solutions95% of new Atlassian customers choose cloud and more on-premise customers than ever before are making the move to cloud. Atlassian surveyed 320 customers who recently migrated to better understand:
  • How does cloud really stack up against on-premise solutions?
  • Why are server and Data Center customers deciding to make the switch to cloud?
  • What do migrated customers see as the key benefits of cloud?  Read Complete Report...
Cloud Compare to Server and Data Center
Why did you choose to migrate
VTPMO Cloud Migration Roadmap
VTPMO Proven and Tested Cloud Migration Roadmap
  1. Assess: Assess if cloud migration is right for you. Measure the migration complexity, such as:
    1. # blocked apps
    2. # total apps
    3. Deployments with multiple instances
    4. Instances behind the firewall
    5. Survey data
    6. Instance complexity ( size, user limits, custom apps)...
  2. Plan: Plan the technical and operational aspects
  3. Prep: Best practices to prepare your site, apps, and users for migration
  4. Validate: Test your migration plan that is related to migration support ticket
  5. Migrate: Migrate server licenses, add-on apps, users, data to Atlassian Cloud
  6. Test: Conduct quality assurance regression testing post migration to ensure all in place
  7. Launch: Announce and launch new cloud site to users.  Conduct retrospective
  8. Support: fix any technical issues post migration
Planning a migration of your own, but don't know where to start? Get in touch with us, your trusted Atlasssian Solution Partner to explore your options and feel confident in your next move.
Click on "Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud" image to learn more about the extreme benefits of moving to Atlassian cloud.
Cloud Key Features
Enhanced Security
Inbuild security advisor to notify you when the security bugs are discovered with added security control like SAML SSL, enforced two-factor authentication, and SCIM.
Privacy Control
With a cloud platform, the Atlassian customers will have peace of mind because the platform is inbuild with privacy principles to support your organization in meeting data privacy like GDPR.
Compliance Coverage
Compliance is a crucial asset for the companies and the Atlassian cloud meets the global compliance requirements with coverage for SOC2, PSI DSS, ISO 27001/27018, GDPR, and many more.
Unified Governance
Managing a large set of users across the platform can raise security issues and with Atlassian, you can manage all your Atlassian products users under a centralized administrator.
Seamless Upgrades
With Atlassian cloud hassle-free feature you can enjoy seamless upgrade and maintenance with 99.9% of uptime and with Tracks and Sandbox you can manage your changes.
Atlassian products are designed for high performance and availability and built on best-in-class core technologies so you can scal confidently and securely.
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