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Scaled Lean-Agile Transformation

Scaled Agile
We work with you to hlep establish your strategic company-wide initiative that aims to increase agility in the business while also enable more consistency in planning and execution across the entire organization.

We work with you to estbalish your Agile vision to:
  • Increase the focus on the customer across the product development cycle
  • Enable stronger integration between regions and global lines of business
  • Increase role clarity and establish a standardized product management process and shared work language
  • Make planning and funding practices more agile and align product and technology backlogs
  • Improve the ability to deploy people and resources against the most important activities
What do you get from VTPMO Assessment, Facilitation, Coaching, and Training programs?
  • Better alignment on strategy and priorities across the organization
  • Faster delivery of features that drive business results
  • Enhanced collaboration among hundreds or thousands of cross-disciplinary agile team members working to deliver sophisticaed business solutions
  • Increased agility to respond quickly to disruption in an ever-changing market
  • Clearer insights into your roadmap and progress in scaling Lean, Agile, and DevSecOps value delivery approaches

We have implemented Scaled Agile Framework using Jira Align, Jira, and Confluence. With the supreme customization power of Jira Align and Jira (with plugins like BigPicture), rolling out SAFe methodology to an entire organization is an expertise that very few Atlassian Solution provider can offer. We have a team of certified Agile Coaches, DevOps Coaches, Scrum Masters, Kanban Leads, Portfolio Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers, SAFe Agilist, SAFe Program Consultants (SPC), SAFe LPM, and this is an enabler for our customers to trust VTPMO with Enterprise Agile transformations and Lean-Agile ecosystem framework rollout.

The foundation of Scaled Lean-Agile Transformation and the resulting Enterprise Ecosystem that is developed is a Triad of People – Framework – Toolchain all in balance and synchronized with each other based on each organization’s unique needs, structure and business objectives.
Agile Transformations that struggle typically do not fully consider and address the Triad.  Resulting in sub optimal results and failed adoption across the teams where it is deployed.  Organizations should seek help to utilize the Triad to accelerate their transformation.

Enabling Outcome-driven Organizations
Organizations aligned around outcomes that empower teams to validate, learn and execute are more adept to operate in environments of extreme uncertainty.
Align Around Outcomes
  • Bi-directionally aligned from strategy to execution.
Validate Hypotheses
  • Not “Can we build it”, but “Should we build it”.
Pivot or Persevere
  • Measuring traction and make relentless tradeoffs.
Set Objectives and Key Results
  • Select a Qualitative Objective to start.
  • Set Outcome-Focused Quantitative Key Results.  Good Key Results are all about letting the team know they are on the right track towards achieving their Objective.
Check-in & Confidence monitoring
  • Every select period, the team tracked confidence against achieving each Key Result, adjusting activities to stay on track.
Grade, Reflect, and Reset
  • Receive continuous feedback from stakeholders.

What solution do you need today?
VTPMO Agile Coaches have extensive expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) roadmap implementation.  We partner with you to fill in your organizational gaps while we coach, mentor, and train your people to be successful on their own.
We provid Agile coaching workshops, trainings, and materials to
1) establish common Agile paradigm with consistent best practices,
2) provide environment to motivate employees for better engagement,
3) improve the organization’s Agile maturity levels every quarter, and
4) improve product delivery practices, incrementally, during the transformation journey.
Find the right path to value delivery and faster innovation
Lean-Agile and SAFe® Business Agility Assessments
If you are looking to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation, VTPMO offers assessments to evaluate your Lean-Agile maturity or business agility health. Using a mix of interviews, observations, Gemba Walks, and workshops, VTPMO uncovers specific pain points and offers a unique, customized solution that best fits the needs and Agile maturity of your organization. We help you build a plan to sustain the momentum of your transformation, so that the entire enterprise may realize the benefits.

The Strategic Roadmap Workshop
Once VTPMO has a deep understanding of an organization's current situation and goals, we analyze the assessment results and determine the main pain points and bottlenecks getting in the way of business objectives. This drives our process recommendations and the direction of the Strategic Roadmap Workshop for key leaders and stakeholders.

Activities include:
  • Report findings from surveys and interviews
  • Discuss how Lean, Agile, and scaling principles are means to address the problems
  • Review and prioritize recommendations for improvement
  • Discuss the level of disruption and how long the change process might take
  • Develop a roadmap of process improvement activities, including defining stakeholder, key measures, increased responsibilities, change management activities, etc.
  • Provide a final proposal of training and coaching support needed for Agile programs.
Implementing the Change
After the development of a Strategic Transformation Roadmap, the next step is to train and coach all members of program teams to the appropriate level of Agile understanding and skills, depending on their role and need. For many of our customers, this means coaching and training in SAFe. The following is the SAFe Implementation Roadmap that defines the optimal path to a SAFe Transformation.
SAFe Implementation Roadmap
Sustain the Momentum
Once a path has been determined, VTPMO highly recommends establishing an Lean-Agile Center of Excellence to sustain the momentum of your Agile Transformation efforts. The entire organization can realize the benefits of Lean and Agile principles as the practices are effectively scaled throughout business and operations.

Ready to get started with your Lean-Agile or SAFe Transformation? Contact us for more detailed information!
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